Media Center Opens For Enthronement Events

Media center opens for enthronement events

A media center for foreign journalists covering Emperor Naruhito's enthronement ceremony on Tuesday opened at a Tokyo hotel on Monday.

The Cabinet Office says 450 members of the media from 73 countries will be visiting Japan to cover the events, in addition to 138 Tokyo-based correspondents from 33 foreign media organizations, who have already applied for credentials.

The center has monitoring screens to show ceremonies live, as well as video transmission and communication equipment.

Materials related to the Imperial family and the various ceremonies are being distributed. Government officials are holding briefing sessions for foreign reporters.

A reporter from Malaysia's state-run news agency said she looks forward to covering Tuesday's events as Malaysia's king and his wife are among guests attending the ceremonies.

A correspondent for a royalty magazine in France said the magazine's readership is very much interested in the Japanese Imperial family.

He said he wants to report as much information as possible because he thinks his readers want to know about the traditional ceremonies.

The center is open through Thursday.