Merkel Takes Questions From Students In Japan

Merkel takes questions from students in Japan

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, now in Japan, has answered questions from students at a university in Tokyo.

Merkel visited Keio University on Tuesday morning. She was greeted by about 200 students.

The students were given an hour to ask her questions.

Asked about relations between Japan and Germany, Merkel described the two countries as similar in terms of having deep ties with the US on national security and the economy.

She added that Japan and Germany will strive to create a framework for multilateral trade, and pledged to strengthen Germany's partnership with Japan as the US-China trade dispute affects the global economy.

Asked about Germany's policy of no nuclear power, Merkel said her country will be nuclear power-free in three or four years, but that each country must make its own decision on the matter. She noted that in Japan, there seems to be no criticism of nuclear power.

Merkel added that nuclear reactors are at risk while in operation, and that disposal of nuclear waste will take hundreds of thousands of years.

Asked what students can do to achieve gender equality in society, Merkel urged women to seize every opportunity they see.

Asked what makes her job as chancellor worthwhile, Merkel responded that she enjoys meeting people who have interesting things to say. She said she also feels fulfillment in resolving problems.

One student said the chancellor seemed kind and caring, because she offered them tips beyond the questions asked.