Miura Reaches 6,000 Meters On Aconcagua

Miura reaches 6,000 meters on Aconcagua

An 86-year-old Japanese adventurer who is attempting to scale Argentina's Mount Aconcagua reached a camp about 6,000 meters above sea level on Friday after setting out on his mission earlier the same day.

Yuichiro Miura left his base camp, at 4,200 meters, at around 9:00 AM local time, and was carried by helicopter to an elevation of 5,580 meters, where he began his climb of South America's highest peak.

It took Miura about six hours to complete the day's climb, which took him 100 meters higher than he had planned.

His office in Tokyo said Miura had used oxygen equipment, but was in good shape.

After the climb, Miura said via satellite phone that he had worked hard to reach the camp, called Colera, where about 100 other climbers are staying.

Miura plans to climb an additional 380 meters on Saturday. He is expected to begin his final ascent to the summit of the 6,960-meter peak as early as Monday, if the weather and other conditions permit.