More Details Emerge In Road Rage Incident

More details emerge in road rage incident

A man arrested on suspicion of beating another man on an expressway in eastern Japan reportedly says he did it because the victim hit his car.

Police say 43-year-old Fumio Miyazaki punched a 24-year-old man out of rage after forcing the victim to stop.

The incident took place on August 10th on the Joban Expressway in Ibaraki Prefecture. Police say Miyazaki, a resident of Osaka city, tailgated the car first.

Miyazaki was arrested on Sunday in Osaka following a nationwide manhunt.

Police have learnt that Miyazaki's car was hit by the vehicle being driven by the victim, who says he accidentally disengaged his brakes after being confronted by the suspect.

Miyazaki reportedly denies driving recklessly, despite evidence showing he repeatedly switched lanes and abruptly changed speed over a distance of at least several kilometers.

Police are also investigating other cases in which the car Miyazaki is accused of driving was found to be tailgating vehicles last month in Shizuoka and Aichi prefectures in central Japan.