More Drone Jamming Guns For Imperial Motorcade

More drone jamming guns for imperial motorcade

Japanese police plan to use more anti-drone jamming guns during an Imperial procession on Sunday than during events related to the enthronement of the new emperor.

The Emperor and Empress will ride in a special open-top limousine in the procession on a 4.6-kilometer route in central Tokyo.

Jamming guns against possible drone attacks were used for the security of ceremonies and events related to the abdication in April and enthronement in May, as well as for the G20 summit in Osaka in June.

NHK has learned that police plan to triple the number of jamming guns to protect the motorcade from possible drone attacks. The device uses radio waves to block signals of an illegal drone.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police plan to deploy roughly 26,000 officers, including about 3,000 from police departments across Japan.

Spectators are required to have their bags checked by metal detectors when entering the areas along the route.

Drones have been used in terror attacks overseas. In Japan, there have been cases of tourists from abroad flying drones without permission.