More Torrential Rain Expected Across Japan

More torrential rain expected across Japan

Heavy rain continues to fall across Japan. The risk of further floods and mudslides is high, as downpours have loosened the ground and damaged dikes in some areas.

Weather officials say an active rain front and a low pressure system extending over the Sea of Japan are destabilizing atmospheric conditions from the western part of the country to the northeast.

They say this is also causing rain clouds to develop.

Rainfall during a 24-hour period through Saturday night topped 300 millimeters in Kumamoto Prefecture. It reached 210 millimeters in Nagano Prefecture.

Authorities have issued landslide warnings for some areas.

Weather officials are forecasting heavy rain for Sunday in the northern Kyushu and Tohoku regions.

They are also warning of landslides, swollen rivers, and floods in low-lying areas.

Heavy rain may continue in both western and eastern Japan on Monday, as the low pressure system approaches and the rain front moves north.