Most Railways, Highways Back To Normal

Most railways, highways back to normal

Most railway services are returning to normal on Tuesday after Typhoon Hagibis caused widespread disruption over the weekend.

Most Shinkansen or bullet train services have resumed. However, on the Hokuriku line, operations are still suspended between Nagano station and Joetsumyoko station. The trains were making round trips between Tokyo and Nagano stations and between Kanazawa and Joetsumyoko stations.

Operations remain suspended on several stretches of East Japan Railway lines around Tokyo, including between Takao and Otsuki stations on the Chuo Line.

Among private railways, some sections on lines operated by Tobu, Keio and Odakyu Line are still not in service.

Highways have also been reopened. However, Seisho bypass remains closed, along with the section between Otsuki interchange and Hachioji junction on Chuo Expressway.