Mrj Flight To U.s. Feared To Be Delayed Until Late Sept. Or After

MRJ flight to U.S. feared to be delayed until late Sept. or afterA trouble-plagued new passenger jet developed by Mitsubishi Aircraft Corp. probably won't fly to the United States before late September, it has emerged.
The Mitsubishi Regional Jet (MRJ) aborted its U.S.-bound flight for the second straight day on Aug. 28 due to malfunctions in its air conditioning system after it took off from Nagoya Airport in Aichi Prefecture.

The company is looking into the cause of the system failure. As it may need to order parts from overseas and reapply for flight and airport usage permissions from aviation authorities in Russia, where the aircraft will refuel en route to the U.S., the planned flight is projected to be largely delayed.

Mitsubishi Aircraft officials are planning to carry out full-scale test flights of the MRJ in the U.S., but it is feared the development schedule could be pushed back.

The MRJ made its successful debut flight in November last year. The aircraft, Japan's first domestically developed small passenger jet, is scheduled to be delivered to All Nippon Airways Co. in the middle of 2018. The delivery schedule has been pushed back four times already due to the addition of new testing categories, among other factors, but a Mitsubishi Aircraft representative maintained, "The latest trouble will not affect the delivery deadline."