Msdf Kaga Destroyer Making Port Call In Singapore

MSDF Kaga destroyer making port call in Singapore

A Japanese destroyer has made a port call in Singapore after taking part in drills with India and the Philippines.

Japan's Maritime Self-Defense Force invited media to its largest destroyer, the Kaga, on Thursday at a naval base in Singapore.

Journalists were allowed to see the ship's control room and other facilities.

The 248-meter-long destroyer can carry 14 helicopters.

It has a system for detecting and intercepting cruise missiles and supersonic anti-ship missiles.

The Kaga has been deployed in the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea since August to take part in exercises with the Indian and Philippine navies.

Speaking to reporters, Rear Admiral Tatsuya Fukuda, the commander of the MSDF's Escort Flotilla 4, called the ship's deployment part of Japan's "free and open Indo-Pacific" strategy.

Fukuda also said its objective is to ensure safety of sea lanes and establish maritime security in the region.

He said the MSDF hopes to deepen cooperation with Singapore's navy.

The force's participation in joint military exercises in the Indo-Pacific region comes as China is increasing its maritime activity there.