Multilingual Hotlines Available In Gifu, Nagano

Multilingual hotlines available in Gifu, Nagano

Authorities in rain-hit Nagano and Gifu prefectures are offering multilingual consultation services for foreigners visiting or living in Japan.

In Nagano Prefecture, the Nagano Prefecture Intercultural Consultation Center is offering telephone consultations free of charge in 15 languages.

The service is available in Chinese, Portuguese, Tagalog, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, English, Indonesian, Spanish, Nepalese, Malay, Myanmar, French, Khmer and German.

Inquiries are accepted from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on weekdays, except for the first and third Wednesdays of each month. The service is available also on the first and third Saturdays of every month.

The phone numbers are 026-219-3068 and 080-4454-1899.

In Gifu Prefecture, the Gifu Prefectural Consultation Center for Foreign Residents accepts inquiries in 14 languages from 9: 30 a.m. to 4: 30 p.m. on weekdays.

The service is available in English, Chinese, Portuguese, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Nepalese, Korean, Spanish, Khmer, Myanmar, Malay and Mongolian.

The phone number is 058-263-8066.