Municipal Offices Prepare For New Era

Municipal offices prepare for new era

Public offices in Japan are busy preparing for the start of the Reiwa era.

Friday is the last business day of Heisei, before Japan enters the Reiwa era next Wednesday, when the new Emperor takes the throne. A 10-day holiday that coincides with the Imperial succession starts on Saturday.

Tokyo's Koto Ward has been handing out specially- designed marriage registration papers.

They feature the word Reiwa, along with the ward's logo and an illustration of its tourism mascot in a wedding dress.

Ward officials say they've handed out around 50 of the newly designed forms so far.

The ward office is now setting up a special section for people to take commemorative photos when they register marriages, births and other changes.

The ward will also hand out Reiwa stickers.

A Koto Ward official says they made the preparations after many people called, wanting to register their marriages on May 1.