Nagasaki Adds Names To Atomic - Bomb Victim Register

Nagasaki adds names to atomic-bomb victim register

Nagasaki has begun the annual task of adding new names to the register of victims of the 1945 atomic bombing. The work started at the city hall on Monday.

Nagasaki has been registering the names since 1968 to mourn the dead and to ensure that future generations remember the huge losses inflicted by the nuclear bombing.

About 3,500 names of people who died in the past year will be added to the list of 175,796 victims.

Two anti-nuclear campaigners, Sumiteru Taniguchi and Hideo Tsuchiyama, will be registered this year.

The scope of the list was expanded in February to include those who were exposed to radiation outside the state-recognized atomic-bombed area.

The updated register will be placed in a cenotaph during Nagasaki's annual memorial ceremony on August 9th.

A seventy-year-old calligrapher, Takako Morita, has been recording names since 2002. Her parents were exposed to radiation in 1945.

Morita says she has a solemn feeling every year when she begins the task. She says the atomic-bomb survivors are aging, and she hopes her work will help to communicate the importance of peace to future generations.