Nagasaki People Grateful For Pope's Support

Nagasaki people grateful for Pope's support

People in Nagasaki say the pope's message has strengthened their convictions to abolish nuclear weapons.

Nagasaki Governor Hodo Nakamura said, "Pope Francis showed us his belief that to attain true peace, many people must unite and work together, trusting one another."

Atomic bomb survivor Sakue Shimohira said, "Many are still suffering the effects of the atomic bomb.

I appreciate the pope understanding the pain of such people. His message helped each of us feel we need to make a world free of nuclear weapons."

High School Student Peace Ambassador Koshiro Uchiyama said, "The pope told us that each and every one of us bears responsibility. I'm sure I'll face challenges, but I'll do my best, keeping his words in mind."

People at a nursing home for the bomb survivors watched the pope's speech on TV.

Kimi Taira said, "I want to abolish nuclear weapons for world peace."

Nobuko Uno said, "I really don't want another war. I want the world to become peaceful."