Naha Seeks Govt. Help To Rebuild Shuri Castle

Naha seeks govt. help to rebuild Shuri Castle

The city of Naha in Japan's southern prefecture of Okinawa has sought central government help to rebuild Shuri Castle, which was devastated by a fire last month.

Naha Mayor Mikiko Shiroma submitted a written request to Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga at their meeting in Tokyo on Monday.

The request said the people of Okinawa are in shock and grief following the devastating fire.

The city hopes to work together with central and prefectural governments to rebuild the castle as early as possible.

It asked that the central government provide financial assistance and take steps to minimize negative effects on citizens and the city's tourism industry.

In response, Suga said the central government will do its utmost with a sense of responsibility.

Speaking to reporters, Mayor Shiroma said the city will study what it can do. She also said she hopes the central government will lend a hand.