Nakamura's Family And Colleagues Depart For Kabul

Nakamura's family and colleagues depart for Kabul

Family members and colleagues of Japanese doctor Tetsu Nakamura are on their way to Afghanistan to take possession of his body following his death in an armed attack on Wednesday.

The non-governmental organization Peshawar-kai told reporters on Thursday that five people will leave Tokyo for the Afghan capital Kabul, where Nakamura lies in state.

The group says Nakamura's wife, daughter and three members of his organization will make the trip. The three are the manager of overseas activities, a doctor and senior official of the group who was also Nakamura's school friend, and a retired group member who worked in Afghanistan.

A Peshawar-kai official said if all goes well, they will bring Nakamura's body back to Japan on Sunday, and hold a funeral after arriving in Fukuoka.

The official said that according to the Japanese embassy in Kabul, President Ashraf Ghani plans to see off Nakamura and his family when they leave.