Naomi Osaka Display Draws Crowds In Nemuro

Naomi Osaka display draws crowds in Nemuro

Naomi Osaka's victory in the Australian Open has been drawing crowds to a display related to her in the northern Japanese city of Nemuro, where her grandfather lives.

The people of Nemuro in Hokkaido prefecture are excited about Osaka's recent spectacular performances. Local resident Tetsuo Osaka is her grandfather.

The municipal government dedicated space in the city hall for the display, which comprises about 30 items related to the tennis star.

Among these are the autographed racket she used to win the US Open last year, and various items of apparel, such as shoes and bags.

Local residents and tourists flocked to the display on Monday. Her win in Australia two days ago has elevated her to number one in the global rankings.

Visitors were taking photos of the items and talking excitedly, sharing their joy at her achievements.

A 74-year-old resident said he feels proud that a person with ties to Nemuro has become the number one player in the world, and called the display precious and wonderful.

A 74-year-old tourist from Nagano Prefecture said he came after learning about the display in the news. He also said he hopes Osaka's achievements will give a boost to the region.