Nearly 30 Photos Of Okinawa In Late 1800s Discovered

Nearly 30 photos of Okinawa in late 1800s discoveredA collector of old photos in Tokyo has discovered among his collections 29 pictures that experts say provide "extremely important" information about life in Okinawa during a period in which the Meiji government of Japan abolished the Ryukyu Kingdom and seized control of its territory as a new prefecture in the late 1800s.

As one of the photos shows Japanese soldiers, armed with rifles, standing at the front gate of Shuri Castle, the palace of the kingdom, the pictures are considered to have been taken between 1879 when the Meiji government sent troops to expel the Ryukyu king and 1896 when it withdrew them from the castle.

Keisho Ishiguro, 72, who purchased the photos from a secondhand bookstore owner, quoted him as saying that they originally belonged to Teiun Yamanouchi, the governor of Kagoshima between 1890 and 1892.