Nearly 350 Pass Visa Exam To Work In Japan

Nearly 350 pass visa exam to work in Japan

Nearly 350 foreigners have passed Japan's exam for working visas under a new system aimed at easing the country's labor shortage.

The first results of the exams, which began last month, were announced on Tuesday.

Out of 460 foreign candidates, 347, or about 75 percent, passed the exam for visas to work in the restaurant industry.

Successful applicants will be able to start working as early as July, depending on the results of their Japanese language proficiency tests.

Last month, job-seekers in the restaurant industry reached nearly 3 times the available number of exam slots on just the first day of the application period. This caused the agriculture ministry to schedule an additional exam within the month.

The ministry also plans to increase the number of exam dates and venues for June, and will accept about 2,000 applications.

More than 140,000 foreigners are already working in the restaurant industry. The government plans to admit up to 53,000 foreign workers over the next five years.