New Shinkansen Model To Debut In July 2020

New Shinkansen model to debut in July 2020

A Japanese railway operator says a new Shinkansen bullet train model will be put into service in early July next year, just before the start of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Central Japan Railway has been test-running the N700S model since last year.

Its body has taken over the streamlined design from the current mainstay Shinkansen model. But it has been improved to reduce air resistance.

The N700S can run on its own using a lithium-ion battery system if it loses a power supply from overhead wires in case of earthquakes or other events. That's the world's first such feature for high-speed trains.

The N700S is fitted with more security cameras inside its carriages than bullet trains now in operation. It is also equipped with a system allowing passengers to talk by phone not only with its crew members but also with staff at the command center in the event of an emergency.

The company plans to introduce 40 trains of the new model by fiscal 2022, which ends in March 2023. It says the plan will cost about 240 billion yen, or roughly 2.2 billion dollars.

Many people are expected to use Shinkansen lines across the country during the Tokyo Games.

Central Japan Railway President Shin Kaneko said his firm wants passengers to experience what the latest technologies have to offer.