Ngo Head Succeeds Nakamura For Afghan Projects

NGO head succeeds Nakamura for Afghan projects

The head of the Japanese non-governmental organization Peshawar-kai has pledged to continue the NGO's activity in Afghanistan following the death of its local representative.

Japanese doctor Tetsu Nakamura and his local staff were shot to death in an ambush last week in the Afghan city of Jalalabad. Nakamura was the representative of Peshawar-kai in Afghanistan.

The chairman of Peshawar-kai, Masaru Murakami, told reporters on Thursday in western Japanese city of Fukuoka that he has succeeded Nakamura as the group's representative in Afghanistan.

Murakami said that he will go to Afghanistan as early as this month to meet local staff.

Most of the NGO's activity in Afghanistan has been suspended after Nakamura was killed.

Murakami said that his organization plans to resume local projects, seeking help from the Afghan government and others.

He said that he wants to advance the projects to the next phase as soon as safety is ensured.