Nhk Creates 3d Images Of New National Stadium

NHK creates 3D images of new national stadium

NHK has created 360-degree panoramic images of Japan's new national stadium which will be the main venue for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

The public broadcaster has so far taken about 6,000 aerial pictures of the national stadium using 8K ultra-high definition cameras since construction began in December 2016. The pictures were taken once every two months.

The images were used to create the 3D images of the stadium which measures about 50 meters tall with a floor area of 113,000 square meters.

The stadium and its construction process can be viewed from various angles.

The images show the construction process of the roof, which extends about 60 meters above the seats. Components of the roof were put together on the field and lifted up using cranes.

Extra-strength glass is used on a section on the south side of the roof to allow sunshine to reach the grass on the field.

A birds-eye view of the stadium is also available.

NHK plans to continue taking the pictures of the stadium until the planned completion in November.