Nhk Poll: Cabinet Approval Rating At 42%

NHK poll: Cabinet approval rating at 42%

NHK's latest opinion poll puts the approval rating of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's Cabinet at 42 percent, down 6 points from two weeks earlier. The disapproval rating is 34 percent, up 2 points.

Of the nearly 4,000 people NHK surveyed over the weekend, 2,042 responded. The poll comes ahead of an Upper House election expected to take place in July.

The respondents were asked to pick what they think is the most important policy issue from a list of six. Social security was chosen by 34 percent; economic policies by 21 percent; and the consumption tax by 20 percent.

They were also asked about the outcome of the upcoming election. Twenty-one percent hope for an increase in the number of the ruling parties' seats; 30 percent hope the opposition parties advance; and 44 percent said neither.

The government plans to raise the consumption tax in October. Twenty-eight percent support the hike; 38 percent oppose it; and 30 percent said neither.

Respondents were also asked if they think they could live on the current public pension after they retire. Five percent said they could; 16 percent said they would likely be able to; 23 percent said they would not likely to be able to; and 51 percent said they definitely could not.