Nhk Poll: Cabinet Approval Rating Rises To 46%

NHK poll: Cabinet approval rating rises to 46%

NHK's latest opinion poll shows the approval rating for the Cabinet of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe stands at 46 percent. That's up 7 points from last month.
The disapproval rating stands at 35 percent. That's down 7 points.

NHK conducted the survey over the weekend. 2,172 people, aged 18 and older, were randomly selected. 1,236 people responded.

Of those who approved, 42 percent said the Abe Cabinet seems better than others.18 percent said they think the Cabinet can get things done. 17 percent said it is the Cabinet of the party they support.

Of those who do not support the Cabinet, 41 percent said they cannot trust Abe. 32 percent said they have no expectations regarding the Cabinet's policies. 10 percent said it is not the Cabinet of the party they support.

At last week's summit in Tokyo, Abe and US President Donald Trump agreed that their countries need to increase pressure on North Korea, in order to force Pyongyang to abandon its nuclear and missile development programs.

12 percent of the respondents gave the summit's outcome a high rating, while 51 percent gave it a somewhat high rating. 24 percent said they didn't think too highly of it, while 8 percent didn't regard it highly at all.

The survey also referred to Trump's meeting with the families of Japanese people kidnapped by North Korea and a former abductee. Trump expressed a willingness to work together with Abe in resolving the issue.

Asked if the meeting would have an effect and lead to the resolution of the problem, 3 percent said it would have a huge effect. 31 percent said it would have some effect.

44 percent said it would not be very effective. 17 percent said it would have no effect at all.