Nihon University Head Apologizes For Tackle

Nihon University head apologizes for tackle

The president of Nihon University has apologized over a violent incident in an American football match earlier this month.

Kichibee Otsuka made the apology at a news conference on Friday.

During the game in Tokyo on May 6th, a Nihon University defender tackled Kwansei Gakuin University's quarterback from behind seconds after he had thrown a pass. The quarterback suffered injuries that a doctor said would take 3 weeks to heal.

Otsuka said he feels responsible for the dangerous play and the injuries to the quarterback. He said he can't apologize enough.

The Kantoh Collegiate Football Association is expected to punish the Nihon University team over the matter in a decision that is expected next week. Otsuka said he will wait for a ruling by the association before the university makes its own decision about the team.

He said he is not considering stopping team activities permanently.