Ningyo Joruri Puppet Theater Staged In Paris

Ningyo Joruri puppet theater staged in Paris

Parisians have enjoyed a performance of traditional puppet theater of Japan known as Ningyo Joruri.

The stage is part of "Japonismes 2018," a series of events in France showcasing Japanese culture.

Some 200 people gathered at a Japanese cultural center in Paris to watch 2 plays by a theater troupe based in Hyogo Prefecture, western Japan.

One play featured quick costume changes by the puppeteer and his puppet, which drew a huge applause from the audience.

In another, the storyteller delighted the audience by raising a toast to bilateral friendship in French.

A Parisian in his 70s said he was amazed that the storytellers and puppeteers made no eye contact at all.

Troupe leader Bando Chiaki said he is glad the audience enjoyed the performance, and expressed hope for more such opportunities to introduce Japan and its traditional performing arts abroad.