Nissan Offering Ultra - Conservative Evs For Rentals In Yokohama

Nissan offering ultra-minimized EVs for rentals in Yokohama

YOKOHAMA- - Nissan Motor Co., couple with the city government here, has begun a joint auto sharing endeavor utilizing two-situate, ultra-smaller electric vehicles.

The program that commenced March 17 permits clients to lease electric vehicles at 14 areas in focal Yokohama for touring, shopping, short bounces or whatever.

Users should first enroll on a site devoted to the administration (

Vehicles can be held no less than 30 minutes ahead of time, and utilized just inside Yokohama city limits. Driving them on roads or assigned interstates is denied. The administration costs 250 yen for every 15 minutes, in addition to an essential charge of 200 yen.

In harvest time 2013, Nissan started a two-year auto sharing trial utilizing ultra-minimal electric vehicles that permitted the client to gather an auto at one operation base and drop it off at another.

Under the new program, the client is committed to give back the vehicle to its place of beginning. The program is booked to keep running for a long time to permit the automaker to investigate the potential for a further extension of the service.

Rival Toyota Motor Corp. is collaborating with Park24 Co., which works coin-worked parking areas, for an auto sharing administration that uses its super-minimal "i-Road" electric vehicles.