N.korean Media Says There Is No Abductions Issue

N.Korean media says there is no abductions issue

An international broadcast by North Korea's state-run radio says Japan keeps ranting about the issue of abductions of Japanese nationals, saying the issue does not exist.

The Japanese news agency Radiopress reported that Pyongyang Broadcasting Station aired a commentary on Japan on Tuesday.

The broadcaster said Japan aims to make itself a victim of abductions. It said that Japan must pay for what it did during its colonial rule of the Korean Peninsula as soon as possible.

Earlier in the month, the broadcaster reiterated Pyongyang's stance that the issue of the abductions of Japanese nationals has already been settled. It was the first mention of the issue in the North Korean media since US President Donald Trump raised it during the US-North Korea summit on June 12th in Singapore.

The Japanese government is trying to set up direct talks with the North, but maintains its stance that the talks must help resolve the abductions issue.