No - Confidence Motion Voted Down

No-confidence motion voted down

Japan's Lower House has voted down a no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's Cabinet. The motion was submitted by six opposition groups...and was seen as a last ditch effort to block the passage of a controversial casino bill.

Deliberations were held on Friday just 2 days before the current Diet session ends.

The leader of the main opposition party accused the Cabinet of focusing on the casino bill instead of concentrating on efforts to help people in western Japan recover from the recent floods and landslides.

A senior member of Abe's Liberal Democratic Party said it's important to maintain political stability so people can remain united and overcome the hardships.

The motion was voted down by lawmakers from the ruling coalition, who hold the majority in the House.

Later on Friday, the coalition lawmakers are expected to pass the bill, legalizing casinos in Japan for the first time.