Nobel Laureate Yoshino Visits Swedish School

Nobel laureate Yoshino visits Swedish school

Japanese scientist Akira Yoshino, co-winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, visited a local school in Stockholm the day before his award ceremony.

Students from six to fifteen years old attend the school. Yoshino observed two chemistry classes and learned about their experiments.

The Nobel laureate answered questions from students.

When asked what helped him persevere with research and development work for many years, he noted the significance of failing.

Yoshino said, "I think there are many, many barriers to overcome, so I try it again and again. Finally, I succeed." He said, "It is very important to experience many failures. Finally you can get an answer."

Yoshino then delivered a lecture before roughly 200 students at the school auditorium. He talked about his path for developing lithium-ion batteries, and introduced new technology to achieve a sustainable society.

He appeared to enjoy interacting with the students.