Nobel Winner Yoshino Back In The Lecture Hall

Nobel winner Yoshino back in the lecture hall

Japanese scientist Akira Yoshino, who won this year's Nobel Prize in Chemistry, has given his first lecture at Meijo University since winning the prize.

Yoshino, an honorary fellow at major chemical manufacturer Asahi Kasei, also gives lectures once a week at the university.

The theme of his lecture on Monday was the history of the development of lithium-ion batteries. He was speaking to 21 graduate students.

At the start of the lecture, Yoshino was presented with a bouquet of flowers to celebrate the occasion.

Yoshino then spoke about how he learned he had won the award. "I received a phone call 30 minutes before the announcement, and I was told 'Congratulations!' he said.

He said he could not do anything for two days after the announcement, but he managed to get a little rest at the weekend. Yoshino said, however, he began to feel pressure from the Nobel Prize.

Yoshino also noted that Japan won a Nobel Prize and made it to the quarter finals of the Rugby World Cup for the first time. He said he hopes Japan will become a country where those kind of happy headlines are flying around.