Novel Sent Under The Name Of The Attacker

Novel sent under the name of the attacker

Kyoto Animation says a person with the same name as the suspect in the deadly arson attack at its studio sent a novel to the company.

Lawyers for the animation company on Tuesday sent an e-mail message to media outlets. It says that a person named Shinji Aoba had sent a novel to the company from the address the media has attached to the suspect.

The company had previously said it received no novel from the suspect. But it now says it has found a manuscript.

The company says the novel, which was not written in the proper format, did not pass the first round of screening and was not shared in the company.

When the suspect, Shinji Aoba, was captured by police, he reportedly yelled something about the animation studio stealing the plot of his novel and demanded to meet the president .

When the police searched Aoba's apartment in Saitama City, they seized what appears to be manuscript paper for writing a novel.

Kyoto Animation says there is no resemblance between any anime it has produced and the novel sent by a person called Aoba.