Okayama Paper Hands Out Special Edition On Shibuno

Okayama paper hands out special edition on Shibuno

A newspaper in Okayama came out with a special edition just hours after Hinako Shibuno, a 20-year-old golfer from the city in western Japan, captured the Women's British Open.

The special edition, which was handed out in front of JR Okayama Station on Monday morning, ran the headline "Shibuno wins major title," and carried a picture of her smiling broadly while holding up a trophy. People stopped on their way to work or school to take a copy.

One of those who stopped, a company employee who stayed up late to watch the tournament on TV, said he likes Shibuno's smile and that her birdie on the last hole gave him a thrill. He said he hopes she'll have further success overseas.

A woman on the street said the people of Okayama are proud of Shibuno.

The golfer's stunning win was the top news story on the BBC, a British public service broadcaster.

A sports reporter commented that Shibuno is known as the "Smiling Cinderella" and that few people knew of her because the Women's British Open was the 20-year-old's first overseas competition.

The reporter also praised her overall play, and predicted that her feat on Sunday will win her a lot of fans.

The online edition of the British newspaper The Guardian said Shibuno captured spectators' hearts and minds. It quoted her as saying she felt like she was going to vomit, but added that her anxiety was not at all apparent.