Okinawa Sets Up Taskforce To Rebuild Shuri Castle

Okinawa sets up taskforce to rebuild Shuri Castle

The Okinawa prefectural government has established a taskforce for the rebuilding of Shuri Castle, which was destroyed by fire last month.

Governor Denny Tamaki appointed six personnel from the prefectural office to the team on Monday. The taskforce will report directly to the governor.

A fire on October 31 completely destroyed the main buildings of the castle in Naha City.

Tamaki instructed the team to work to restore the castle as early as possible while seeking the understanding of people in the prefecture and elsewhere.

The taskforce will coordinate with the central government in the effort to restore the castle and draw up a timetable for reconstruction. It will also consider how to use money sent by donors.

One of the reconstruction team members, Takenori Chinen, says he feels pressure but wants to work hard to meet the expectations of the residents of Okinawa.