Okinawa To Revoke Us Base Landfill Permit

Okinawa to revoke US base landfill permitThe governor of Japan's southernmost prefecture of Okinawa has announced the revoking of an approval for landfill work in an area where the central government plans to relocate a US military base.
Takeshi Onaga made the announcement on Monday, saying it is the first step in stopping the construction of the base in Henoko district in Nago city, with whatever measures he can take.

Onaga's predecessor, Hirokazu Nakaima granted approval for the work in 2013. But Onaga won the gubernatorial election last year, promising not to allow construction of the base.

The central government suspended the preparatory work to relocate the US base for one month until early September.

That was done to allow talks with prefecture officials. But the sides could not bridge the gap.

Following the breakdown of discussions, the regional bureau of the Defense Ministry resumed work off the coast of Henoko on Saturday.

Defense Ministry officials say they will continue the work, saying that no flaws exist in the approval and its process. They added that if the approval is officially revoked, they will take necessary legal measures.