Olympic Golf Setting To Permit Female Members

Olympic golf scene to permit female individualsA golf club assigned as the scene for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics has chosen to permit ladies to wind up distinctly full individuals. Kasumigaseki Country Club has been a male-just green since its opening in 1929.
Board individuals consistently voted in favor of ladies to wind up individuals at a meeting at the club house in Kawagoe City, north of Tokyo. They consented to change the decide that confined the participation to men.

The International Olympic Committee has been encouraging the club to change the approach, saying the practice runs counter to uniformity set out in the Olympic Charter.

Last week, the celebrated around the world Muirfield golf club in Scotland chose to permit ladies to end up individuals interestingly since its establishing in 1744, in the wake of voting against it last year.

In 2012, Augusta National, where the Masters is played, conceded 2 female individuals without precedent for its 80-year history.

The Kasumigaseki Club will advise the IOC about the manage change through the Japan Golf Association.