One Month Since Typhoon Hagibis Tore Through Japan

One month since Typhoon Hagibis tore through Japan

It's been one month since the powerful Typhoon Hagibis caused extensive damage in many parts of Japan. The storm, one of the strongest to hit the country in decades, left 91 people dead, while four remain missing.

Hagibis flooded or damaged more than 85,000 homes. Clean-up is still happening, such as this area of Iwaki City in Fukushima Prefecture.

The waste is taking up nearby pedestrian roads -- a constant reminder for residents of the storm's impact.

A barber who lives in the district say he's still recovering. The 81-year-old says his house and shop were flooded, and only managed to remove the floor for repairing a few days ago.

He said, "It's been a month now, but I still can't reopen my shop. My place is a total mess and I just don't have the energy to get back to work."

On Monday, Land and Infrastructure Ministry officials updated the extent of the Hagibis damage.

Nearly 300 rivers overflowed and at least 25,000 hectares of land were flooded.

Eastern and Northern Japan also saw levees collapse.

Officials confirmed more than 850 cases of landslides and mud flow -- the largest number on record since 1982.

The government's next steps include reviewing its disaster prevention policy. Officials will also re-examine current measures on infrastructure based on the latest damage.