Opposition Demands Abe Brief Diet On Summit

Opposition demands Abe brief Diet on summit

Japan's opposition camp has agreed to call on Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to provide a briefing in the Diet on the recent US-North Korea summit and explain its impact, particularly on the abductions issue.

Diet affairs chiefs of the Constitutional Democratic Party, the Democratic Party For the People, the Japanese Communist Party and others met on Wednesday.

The government has maintained that the abductions of Japanese nationals is the most important of Japan's pending issues regarding North Korea.

The opposition lawmakers agreed that Abe must do the briefing at a session of the Lower House budget committee.

Constitutional Democratic Party Diet affairs chief Kiyomi Tsujimoto said Abe is responsible for telling voters how things are going, and expressed concern that Japan's diplomatic issues with the North now seem to be up to others.

The opposition lawmakers also agreed to urge the ruling coalition not to put a casino bill to a vote before securing enough time to debate it in the Diet.