Osaka Fugitive May Have Cycled 400 Km

Osaka fugitive may have cycled 400 km

Police say a fugitive recaptured in Yamaguchi Prefecture likely traveled 400 kilometers on a stolen bike after he escaped from a police station in Osaka Prefecture.

The man, Junya Hida, was apprehended after he was caught stealing food on Saturday in Shunan City, Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Police identified him by his fingerprints and a tattoo on his leg.

On August 12th, after meeting with a lawyer, the 30-year-old man fled from the Tondabayashi police station in Osaka by breaking open an acrylic partition in an interview room.

He had been initially indicted on charges of burglary causing injury and theft. He was later accused of attempted sexual assault and served with a fresh arrest warrant.

About 3,000 police officers were deployed to track him down.

Police in Yamaguchi found a white bicycle near the location where Hida was detained. They identified it as a bike that was stolen in Habikino City, Osaka, on the day Hida escaped from the police station. The bicycle was reportedly loaded with a large amount of luggage.

Investigators believe Hida used the bike to travel from Osaka to Yamaguchi Prefecture.

They will transport him back to Osaka and interrogate him to determine what he was doing while he was on the run for 48 days.