Osaka Public Schools Begin Online Classes

Osaka public schools begin online classes

Public elementary and junior high schools in the Japanese city of Osaka have introduced online classes, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The third state of emergency took effect on Sunday in Tokyo and three western prefectures, including Osaka. It is scheduled to run until May 11.

Sixth graders at Honden Elementary School in Osaka city attended online classes on Monday morning.

A teacher in a classroom was seen using a video conference system to take attendance and give a math lesson. He used the system's chat feature to communicate with his students.

The teacher said it was easier to observe the students' reactions than he thought it would be. He said he wants to give better classes and get feedback from the children.

A female student said she feels a little sad, as she cannot chat with her friends. She said the sound during the online classes was clearer than she expected it to be.