Osaka Residents' Lives Affected By G20 Summit

Osaka residents' lives affected by G20 summit

The upcoming Group of 20 summit in Osaka City, western Japan, is affecting the lives of people living near the venue.

The summit will be held on Friday and Saturday on a manmade island called Sakishima.

Major traffic controls will be put in place in Osaka City and its surrounding areas starting on Thursday. But police vehicles have already been deployed on the roads of Sakishima, and are causing traffic jams.

Many of the area's residents are stockpiling food and other daily necessities as the congestion is expected to become even worse during the summit period.

Those living near the summit venue are required to carry some form of identification when they go out, such as a driver's license or a health insurance card, so police can check on them.

One resident said the police check his identification every time he goes out.

A woman says her husband will be off from work, and that her daughter's kindergarten will be closed during the summit. She says they decided to take a family trip, as they won't be able to walk freely around their home.