Over $92 Mil. Eyed To Develop F - 2 Successors

Over $92 mil. eyed to develop F-2 successors

Japan's Defense Ministry will ask for more than 10 billion yen to develop stealth fighter jets to replace the Air Self-Defense Force's aging fleet. That amount is more than 92 million dollars.

The ministry says it will use the budget to develop the fuselage and other parts of successors to the F-2s.

The ministry wants the money for the next fiscal year. It starts in April 2020. Ministry officials may also ask for a budget to develop drones that can support fighter jets.

Defense Minister Taro Kono and Finance Minister Taro Aso will likely discuss the amount of the budget next week.

The government plans to launch a Japan-led effort to develop stealth fighter planes. It may collaborate with other countries.

The government began deploying the F-2s in 2000. It will start decommissioning them in the 2030s.