Oyster Harvesting Season Starts In Hiroshima

Oyster harvesting season starts in Hiroshima

Fishers in Hiroshima Prefecture, western Japan, have begun harvesting cultured oysters.

The harvest season started on Tuesday. Around 6 a.m., growers in Higashihiroshima City began using cranes on their boats to pull up a 10-meter-long rope where they planted oysters.

The oysters were brought to a port where workers carefully shelled them by hand.

Sixty percent of oysters cultured in Japan come from Hiroshima Prefecture.

Oyster farmers say they were worried whether the oysters would grow well, because of extremely hot days in summer and typhoons.

But they say they're relieved that the oysters became big enough as usual, thanks to moderate rainfall.

One of the growers, Junji Morishita, says Hiroshima oysters are juicy and firm. He says he hopes more people will enjoy their special taste.