Pacific Saury Dishes May Become Cheaper

Pacific saury dishes may become cheaper

Japanese restaurant chain operators are considering reducing the prices of their Pacific saury dishes because the fish is in plentiful supply this year.

Ootoya Holdings will sell a set meal of Pacific saury at its outlets across Japan from Monday until the end of October.

It had to drop the autumn delicacy from its menu after just 10 days last year following the worst catches in about half a century.

The set meal is priced at 980 yen, but the company is considering lowering the price because of the good hauls in Hokkaido this season.

Eiichi Iwakuma, the firm's public relations representative, says many customers are eagerly waiting for Pacific saury, and his company will flexibly adjust the price if the purchase price comes down.

Major beef bowl chain Yoshinoya began offering a set meal of Pacific saury for 590 yen late last month, and plans to keep it on the menu until early October.

The company says it can maintain the current price as it has sufficient supplies of frozen Pacific saury for this season.

Yuka Yokoo, who is in charge of public relations at Yoshinoya, says her company decided to increase its stocks of the fish as many customers want to have a meal for a reasonable price.