Paralympic Marathons To Stay In Tokyo

Paralympic marathons to stay in Tokyo

The International Paralympic Committee says the Tokyo 2020 marathon events will be held in Tokyo as planned.

The decision came at a meeting in Tokyo between the IPC and the Tokyo organizing committee on Wednesday and Thursday.

Recently the Olympic marathons were moved to the city of Sapporo in northern Japan due to concerns about severe heat.

Officials discussed concerns that heat in Tokyo might affect wheelchair racers in their marathon on September 6.

The IPC now says analysis of weather data shows no problem with holding marathons in Tokyo.

It says many athletes want to stay in Tokyo and that many marathoners will also take part in track events in Tokyo, making a move logistically difficult.

At a news conference after the meeting, IPC President Andrew Parsons said they cannot control the weather but can mitigate risks associated with it. He stressed that Tokyo 2020 will have very robust heat control measures.

He also said the marathon events are the last of the games and that athletes believe competing on the city's streets in events anyone can attend for free is a way of saying thank you to Tokyo.