Parents Of Nakamura's Ex - Colleague Express Sorrow

Parents of Nakamura's ex-colleague express sorrow

People are expressing sorrow and anger over the death of Japanese doctor Tetsu Nakamura, who was shot and killed on Wednesday in Afghanistan. The parents of a former colleague of Nakamura have shared their feelings as their son was also killed in the war-torn country in 2008.

Masayuki Ito and his wife Junko sat down for an interview with NHK at their house in the city of Kakegawa, Shizuoka Prefecture, on Thursday.

Their son Kazuya used to work at the nongovernmental organization Peshawar-kai that Nakamura headed.

Eleven years ago Kazuya was working to help rebuild Afghanistan when he was kidnapped and killed by an armed group. He was 31 years old.

Masayuki said his son owed a lot to Nakamura and that he is too shocked for words over the death. He said he was unable to sleep last night as he experienced feelings of sorrow, anger and disappointment.

Junko shed tears and said she felt as if her son had been killed again. She also said she is filled with anger and wants to know why Nakamura and her son had to die in that way.

The Itos say they treasure photos showing both men together.

They met Nakamura several times when he returned to Japan. Their last meeting was two years ago over dinner after he held a lecture in Shizuoka.

Masayuki remembers Nakamura saying he will go to places no one goes and will do something that nobody does. Masayuki said that remark left a strong impression on him.

He said he hopes the situation in Afghanistan will improve so that children there can get enough food and receive education, and the work his son and Nakamura did will not be in vain.