Part Of Yokota - Based Us Osprey Found Missing

Part of Yokota-based US Osprey found missing

Tokyo's local governments near the US Yokota Air Base are requesting that the US military's Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft be grounded until safety measures are taken.

Japan's Defense Ministry officials on Wednesday informed the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and local municipalities near the US base that part of an Osprey went missing after a flight on Tuesday.

The officials say part of a search light, which weighs 450 grams and is about 16 centimeters in length and width and 10 centimeters in height, must have fallen off. They say they do not know where the part fell on the ground.

On Thursday, a liaison council of the Tokyo government and six municipalities near Yokota requested that the US Air Force halt Osprey flights until the cause of the accident is clarified and safety measures are taken.

The council also lodged a strong protest as it confirmed that Osprey flights continued over the area even after the accident.