Payout For Sterilization Victims Without Records

Payout for sterilization victims without records

An expert panel at Japan's health ministry has decided to grant lump-sum payments to 22 people concluded to have been forcibly sterilized without confirmatory records.

A law took effect in April to redress people who were forced, under the now-defunct Eugenic Protection Law, to lose their reproductive functions because of disabilities or medical conditions. Each person is eligible to receive 3.2 million yen, or nearly 30,000 dollars.

The expert panel, set up to screen applications from people without records, held its first meeting on Monday. Its members include doctors and lawyers.

The panel approved the compensation requests for the 22 people based on their accounts and medical diagnoses.

About 25,000 people across Japan are believed to have undergone forced sterilization procedures. However, records for only about 3,000 people have been found.

The panel is scheduled to convene about once a month to check applications from people with no records.