People Attending Ceremony Express Hope For New Era

People attending ceremony express hope for new era

People who attended the enthronement ceremony for Emperor Naruhito have expressed hope for his role and future.

Japanese literary scholar Susumu Nakanishi is believed to have proposed the new era name "Reiwa."

Nakanishi told NHK and other media that the sunlight appeared when the ceremony began, and that seems to symbolize the future of the country.

He said the Emperor was dignified, and Empress Masako was modest -- and that both made a good start.

Nobel laureate Satoshi Omura said the traditional ceremony showed the great culture of Japan to people both at home and abroad.

He said he hopes this occasion will have a positive impact on the world of science.

Two-time Judo Olympic gold medalist Ryoko Tani said she was impressed by the Emperor's words that referred to more than 30 years of efforts by his father Emperor Emeritus Akihito. She said she hopes the Emperor, as the symbol of the State, will continue to walk together with the public.

Farmer Ryoichi Sato from Fukushima Prefecture works to revive agriculture in an area affected by the nuclear accident in 2011.

Sato said he hopes the Emperor will see things from the viewpoint of the public as his father did. He said he hopes the Emperor will visit Fukushima again to see recovery efforts going on there.