Performers Sought For 2020 Paralympic Ceremonies

Performers sought for 2020 Paralympic ceremonies

The organizers of the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics will soon begin accepting applications from those wishing to perform in the opening and closing ceremonies.

The organizers said on Monday that more than 400 people, mainly those with disabilities, will be chosen in auditions.

The opening and closing ceremonies of the Paralympics are scheduled for August 25 and September 6, respectively, at the new National Stadium in Tokyo.

The organizers say they will select a few people for leading roles, about 20 for music and dance routines and 400 more for other roles.

Applicants must be aged 6 or older as of April next year.

The organizers say they want to encourage many people with disabilities to apply.

They will accept applications online from noon on Tuesday to January 10. The initial screening of application forms and auditions are scheduled through March.

The executive creative director for the Paralympic ceremonies, Hiroshi Sasaki, says he hopes that people with disabilities who have special skills in the arts will take part and give performances that will surpass the Olympic ceremonies.