Phone Booth In Garden Helps Bereaved 'talk' To Victims Of 2011 Disasters

Phone booth in garden helps bereaved 'talk' to victims of 2011 disastersA gardener in this 2011 tsunami-ravaged town built a phone booth on a hill for people who lost their loved ones in the disaster, providing them with a place to mourn.

Itaru Sasaki, 69, built a wooden-framed phone booth in his garden about a month after the March 2011 disaster and placed inside it a black rotary dial telephone whose line is not connected. Even though almost three years have passed since the devastating event, people from various places still come to use the phone.

Sasaki named the booth "Kaze no denwa" (the phone of the wind) as he hoped visitors would find comfort in thinking that the wind was delivering their messages to their loved ones. The disconnected phone allows visitors to have a conversation with their deceased family members or friends in their heart. They leave their messages on a notebook that is left in the phone booth.